Columbus Public Health Unable To Verify Claims Of Ohio State Medical Waste Dumping


The Columbus Public Health Department has concluded an investigation of Ohio State University that was sparked by a 10TV News report.

Earlier in September, 10TV News reported about allegations that temporary workers were hired to sort trash that included medical waste and patient records.

10TV News spoke with three different workers who claimed that they saw and handled bio-hazard materials at OSU's Solid Waste Management site on Kenny Road.

They described handling vials of blood, used catheters, syringes and IVs.

Minutemen Staffing Services told 10TV that it heard similar complaints from at least five of its workers, and in response, pulled them from the job.

OSU denied the allegations and said its policies and procedures made what the workers described "impossible."

An investigation by the health department was not able to verify or discount workers' stories, but it did find that OSU is taking proper precautions in handling infectious waste.

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