Columbus Public Health to Spray Several Areas For Mosquitoes This Week


Columbus Public Health (CPH) has announced it will target several areas this week to help control the spread of West Nile Virus in the region.

The areas that will be sprayed include:

Sept. 3:

  • Northeast Columbus: (North Boundary – Robinton Way, East Boundary – New Albany Rd., South Boundary – OH-161, West Boundary – Harlem Rd.)
  • East Columbus: (North Boundary – McCutcheon Rd., East Boundary – I-270, South Boundary – Agler Rd., West Boundary – Carrolton Club Cir.)
  • East Columbus: (North Boundary – Mock Rd., East Boundary – Sunbury Rd., South Boundary – E. 17th Ave., West Boundary – Woodland Ave.)

Sept. 4:

  • Clintonville: (North Boundary – E. North Broadway St., East Boundary – I-71, South Boundary – Olentangy St., West Boundary – N High St.)
  • German Village: (North Boundary – I-70, East Boundary – Carpenter St., South Boundary – Thurman Ave., West Boundary – S. High St.)
  • West Columbus: (North Boundary – Sullivant Ave., East Boundary – Demorest Ave., South Boundary – Clime Rd., West Boundary – Holly Hill Dr.)
  • Far West/Westland: (North Boundary – Thumbleweed Dr., East Boundary – Norton Rd., South Boundary – Hall Rd., West Boundary – Galloway Rd.)

Sept. 5:

  • Olde Town East: (North Boundary –  E. Broad St., East Boundary – Park Dr., South Boundary – I-70, West Boundary – Miller Ave.)
  • Southeast Columbus: (North Boundary – Bellevue Ave., East Boundary – Alum Creek, South Boundary – Four Seasons Dr., West Boundary – Alum Creek Dr.)
  • Far South: (North Boundary – Allison Dr., East Boundary – Lockbourne Industrial Pkwy., South Boundary – I-270, West Boundary – Clabber Rd.)

CPH says the areas that will be sprayed are determined by mosquito trap results and reports from field staff, the number and type of mosquitoes trapped, the number of infected mosquitoes and evidence of human disease. 

Click here for an interactive map detailing what areas will be sprayed.