Columbus Police Working To ID Gym Stabbing Suspect

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Columbus Police tell 10TV they believe they're working against the clock to identify the man who attacked Rikki Whitaker in the parking lot of a LA Fitness.

“We believe this individual is dangerous.  We believe he is most likely going to strike again,” says Detective Russ Redman.

Investigators have scoured police reports and reached out to Hilliard and Grove City police and the Franklin County Sheriff's office in search of similar attacks.

Redman has spent countless hours searching a citywide criminal data base looking for anyone who matches the attacker's description and has a history of robberies or violence against women. 

Investigators say they've shown the victim more than two dozen photos of men who fit the attacker's profile.  But Whitaker has been unable to identify a suspect.

However police say at this point in the investigation they are confident the man they're looking for has started talking.  “There's somebody out there who knows who he is, and I'm sure he's confided in someone,” Redman says.

Police say they know two things for sure about the man with a knife: he's a predator and it's a matter of time before he chooses his next victim. 

“The next victim might be your daughter, might be your wife, might be your sister, so if you have information, call us - even if you think its hearsay, speculation, or just somebody shooting off some bravado, call us,” implores Redman.

Police say they're looking for a black male with a light complexion and a tattoo on his neck who was driving a sliver car with tinted windows.  Police say attacker could have borrowed that car or had it altered. 

Moreover, if you're in the auto detailing business and have recently been asked to remove the tint from the windows of a silver car, police say they want to hear from you.