Columbus Police Use Twitter To Solve Crimes

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The Columbus Division of Police wants to turn twitter into its latest tool to fight crime. It's quickly becoming a crime fighter for local law enforcement.

The Columbus Police twitter page is quickly approaching 10-thousand followers.

It's a number Deputy Chief Ken Kuebler believes will grow in no time.

"We know that when things get re-tweeted, we can reach 10, 20, 50, 100,000 people real quickly," Deputy Chief Kuebler said.

That's why police started to increase their number of tweets in recent months.

They are tweeting about robbery suspects, car crashes and missing people. The police department even tweeted pictures after the water pipes burst in police headquarters earlier this month.

Kuebler says that was the department's first time using twitter to get information out to the entire division.

"We know the community meets a lot now online so we want to be available in all the places our community wants us to be," said Deputy Chief Kuebler.

Kuebler notes twitter helped them get real-time information out to the public during a recent crime spree as it was happening.

In late November, a man shot and killed a 9 year old boy in Grove city and then led police on a manhunt through Columbus.

Police took to twitter to let people know the man was on the run, what he was driving, and what he looked like.
It was all in an effort to catch him and keep the public safe.

"We know people are listening there and that's when I go back to when I say folks expect us to be available and be responsive and engaging with them and this is where they are now."

If you want to follow Columbus police on twitter, their twitter handle is @columbuspolice.
The department's YouTube channel is

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