Columbus Police Search For Hit And Run Driver


Columbus Police need your help tracking down a hit-and-run driver who ran over a man and left him for dead. 

It happened Friday night on Safford Avenue between South Wayne Avenue and South Oakley Avenue.

49-year-old Harry Herman remains in critical condition at Mount Carmel West Hospital Sunday morning.

Chad Parker lives steps away from where this tragedy unfolded.  Moments after the impact, he raced to the scene and discovered Herman in dire need of help.

"He had a deep laceration on his right arm and he also had a gash in the back of his head,” said Parker. “And he had tire marks all over his arm,” he added.

Parker said the man lost a lot of blood and he tried to stop the bleeding with towels until paramedics arrived.

Neighbors said it appeared the victim had been drinking and quite possibly passed out on the road.

Police confirm Herman was lying on the road at the time of the accident and therefore the driver may not have seen him. 

But neighbors heard a vehicle speeding off leaving them to believe the person behind the wheel knew someone had been hit.

"That's horrible,” said resident Chris Rieser.  “I don't know why somebody would hit someone and just keep going and not knowing if he's okay.  I'm sure it was somebody up to no good."

"That's pretty heartless,” said resident Mike Howard.  “It does happen though.  My daughter got hit when she was three and they drove off and we never found out who did it."

Despite the unusual circumstances behind this hit and run, residents aren't surprised it happened.  They said there are no speed limit signs on the block where Herman was struck and often drivers are going way to fast.

"I don't want to see my kids get hit by a car especially by inconsiderate drivers,” said Parker.  “We have drivers, driving through here playing loud music and not paying attention to kids or nothing.  It is just crazy."

Police are looking for the driver of a gray or silver SUV.  If you have any information that could help call Columbus Police at 614-645-4767.