Columbus Police Operations Center Vital To Red, White and BOOM! Safety


Columbus authorities will have their eyes on around 60 cameras from an Operations Center being used to cover Red, White and BOOM!

Representatives from nearly a dozen agencies will be part of the massive law enforcement effort.

“We have police dispatchers in here that are monitoring, all the law enforcement officers monitoring the event. This mirrors our radio system. On a major event, all the operations are handled through here,” said Sgt. Timothy McVeigh, CPD.

McVeigh is working off an event operations plan that is hundreds of pages long.

While tens of thousands of people enjoy the activities outside, inside the war room, officials are looking at three walls of cameras. They are paying extra attention to at least one demographic.

“We're always concerned about the children. We want to keep them safe and we have people here specifically watching the children,” said McVeigh.

In fact, there are missing children booths spread out at various locations downtown.

And for those worried about so many police eyes in the sky, McVeigh says it's all about your safety.

“All the people we bring together, the collaboration is for the safety of everybody and come down and enjoy the event.”