Columbus Police Officers Investigated For Excessive Speed

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The call for help came after a suspect crashed his car into a house, ran from officers, and resisted arrest. 

Columbus police raced to the scene.  Now, some officers are coming under fire for putting the pedal to the metal.

One officer's cruiser dash cam video shows him passing traffic in a curb lane.

On north 4th street, the cruiser reaches a speed of 79-miles-per-hour.   The speed limit is 35.

Dash cam also shows the officer swerving through traffic in the curb lane at the I-71 ramp. 

Another officer reaches 80-miles-per-hour on East 17th avenue, which is 45-miles-per hour over the limit.

President of the Fraternal Order of Police Jason Pappas emphasizes Columbus police officers are trained tactical drivers.  “What may seem shocking to you is really not that shocking for us.”

The Columbus Division of Police says driving a cruiser 20 miles per hour faster than the posted speed limit is considered high speed, but officers can use their discretion when racing to high risk calls, like a robbery or rape in progress.

“That's why there are policies.  They're there for guidance but that doesn't mean they can't be violated with good cause,” says Pappas.

But the Division took issue with officer's running through red lights and speeding down heavily traveled roads.

The union says it's a balancing act between getting there fast, and getting there alive.