Columbus Police Officer Responds to Assault Allegations


A Columbus Police Officer accused of assaulting a woman is sharing his story.

Officer Randall Lyons is accused of threatening Crystal Curenton at gunpoint while he was off duty on South Hamilton Road on September 2nd.

"It's tough to sit back and watch your name get dragged through the media," Lyons told 10TV's Jason Frazer.

"He blocked my truck in right here at the light and jumped out with his gun and telling me put your truck in park and shut your car off," Curenton told 10TV.

When asked if he pulled his gun, Lyons declined to comment about it because of the pending investigation.

However, he did tell 10TV's Jason Frazer he felt like his life was in danger because of what occurred seconds before he and Curenton came face to face.

"When she got beside me she swerved purposely in an attempt to run me off the road or strike my vehicle," said Lyons.

According to Lyons, Curenton struck his vehicle before speeding off.

Police records show this is not the first time Lyons is accused of pulling his gun while off duty.

In 2011, Shirley Bryant says she saw Lyons hold several teens at gun point after he found them playing with a BB gun.

"He said if he (expletive) moved, he was going to stomp their face in," said Shirley Bryant.

Lyons admits to using the foul language but he said he saw one of the suspects preparing to shoot the gun again.

"There happened to be two other young men who had pistols stuffed in their waste band. I didn't know at the time if they were pellet guns or real guns," he told 10TV's Jason Frazer

Lyons' police record shows he was formally reprimanded for the incident.

The same record also showed Lyons winning numerous services awards including five medals of merit throughout his 17 year career with Columbus Police.
Lyons has not been criminally charged.

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