Columbus Police Officer Faces Termination For Drug Use, Other Complaints

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The Columbus Police Chief has recommended termination for an officer accused of drug use.

Internal police investigation documents obtained by 10TV say 12-year veteran officer, James Hassey, admitted he smoked marijuana for the past five years.

10TV has also obtained an ongoing sexual harassment complaint accusing Hassey of making derogatory, condescending, and lewd remarks to female officers.

The Internal Affairs report reveals an ex-girlfriend of Officer James Hassey told investigators he "smoked marijuana every day" "as soon as he got home from work" and she claimed Hassey gave her marijuana to take home with her. 

Documents show the officer told investigators he had been smoking marijuana off duty "off and on" "3 - 4 times a month" for about "3 - 5 years."  

It was enough for the police chief to relieve Hassey of duty.

Another document reveals the case against Hassey is building.

The complaint shows two Columbus police officers accuse Hassey of making work "unbearable" by making "inappropriate" "derogatory" comments.

The say Hassey once threatened to put bodily fluids "in the refrigerator next to a female officer's lunch." 

The officers say Hassey became "three times worse" in his behavior after his hearing in front of the chief, and say Hassey often commented, "What are they going to do?  Fire me?"

The female officer told investigators it got so bad she had to seek counseling. 

10TV was unable to reach Officer Hassey to hear his side of the story. 

He has a hearing in front of the safety director on May 6 to find out whether he will lose his job.