Police investigating if alleged killer is behind armed robberies in southeast Columbus

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Columbus police said they want to know if the man accused of raping and murdering an Ohio State student was terrorizing women weeks before the deadly attack.

Brian Golsby is being held without bond for the murder of 21-year-old Reagan Tokes.

10TV has learned police are investigating whether Golsby is behind at least five armed robberies in German Village and southeast Columbus.

Investigators said Golsby was wearing a GPS monitor which should prove whether he was in the vicinity of five robberies.

Golsby was released from prison in November.

Investigators said exactly one week ago, Tokes was kidnapped, raped, and shot to death. Police said DNA evidence from a cigarette butt found in the victim's car led them to Golsby.

Police said they are reviewing evidence that could tie Golsby to a series of five armed robberies in southeast Columbus since late January.

The victims told police they were hit in the face with a weapon, punched in the head, and threatened with a knife.

“We're working very hard to try to figure out if we're still looking for somebody, or if Golsby is connected to these? So, we're trying to answer that as quick as we can,” Sgt. Rich Weiner said.

Sources close to the investigation say investigators are examining other robberies in southeast Columbus to determine whether they should be added to the list, and at least two 10TV viewers have come forward saying they believe they were victimized by Brian Golsby in recent weeks. Both viewers complained police seemed to be dragging their feet in response to the information.

“This isn’t a TV show,” explained Sgt. Weiner. “If somebody doesn't think they're getting answers fast enough, we want to assure them we are looking in to every aspect. And if you do believe he was involved in your crime, we want to hear from you.”

10 Investigates first broke the story that Golsby was being monitored by a GPS Device. He was wearing it when Grove City police arrested him Saturday morning.

The state department of corrections would not reveal if Golsby's GPS monitoring came with perimeters of where he could and couldn’t go.

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