Columbus Police Identify Victim From 1983 Unsolved Homicide

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A woman who was killed 30 years ago has now been identified by investigators.

The woman was found on July 2, 1983, but it was not known who she was until December 2013. She had only been referred to as 'Jane Doe' or 'Mary Rose Doe.'

Columbus Police say last month they determined that the victim was Sharon Rae Bowen. Bowen was 28 when she was killed, according to police.

"The jane doe from your state was the sharon rae bowen that was missing from here," said Detective Veronica Montoya.

Bowen had been missing from Salt Lake City, Utah. Her partially decomposed body was discovered on the north side of Hoover Dam by fishermen.

Her family has been waiting for three decades to learn what happened to their loved one.

"She was strangled. She was murdered by somebody that I'm sure is walking free because they don't know who the person was," said Bowen's sister, Marcia Bateman.

Authorities say Bowen was finally identified by a "tin print" card that had her fingerprints on it. The card was discovered on microfilm.

Bowen's body was buried in 1984 with a grave maker for 'Mary Rose Doe.' Bowen has several surviving siblings and a son.

"I want to bring her home and I want to have a gravesite and have her in the same cemetery that our mom, dad and sister are in," said Bateman.

Anyone with information about Bowen is asked to contact 614-645-4036.