Columbus Police Chief Recommends Firing Officer For Attempting To Buy Pain Pills

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A Columbus Police officer is accused of attempting to illegally buy pain pills while on duty.

Chief Kim Jacobs is recommending that Officer Matt Freetage be fired.

Columbus police originally put Officer Matt Freetage on notice in October when they began their internal review.

According to police records, Freetage is accused of attempting to, "purchase Vicodin and/or Percocet pills from <a confidential informant> on multiple occasions in 2013."

Freetage told investigators that it all started with him needing relief from a nagging shoulder injury, but when asked if he ever sought out medical attention he said no.

Text messages drummed up by detectives show contact between Freetage and the woman who allegedly sold him the pills.

Back in August, he admitted to texting her saying, "What would it take for me to get another bottle from you? This time with more than six."

She writes: "Do you need Vs or Ps?"

He says, "whatever is better." Then, he asks how much she can get and at what price.

Freetage goes on to tell investigators that he was trying to do his own investigation into the sale of illegal narcotics, but says never brought that information up with narcotics detectives.

The informant claims Freetage had visited her house nearly a dozen times during July and August, including while on duty.

She tells police he arrived in uniform to buy pills, saying "that day... He looked sweaty. He looked almost like he was fiending at that point and time."

10TV reached out to Freetage, but he declined comment.

The Fraternal Order of Police union is aware of the internal investigation and is awaiting the chief's official documents detailing her recommendation for termination.

It's up to the city's safety director for the final decision.