Columbus Police Basketball Team Plays Hoops In Honor Of Officer Battling Cancer

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The Columbus police basketball team hit the hardwood on Saturday in honor of one of their own.

The Columbus Police Bulldogs team took on the alumni from Northridge High School in Johnstown.

For these players, it's not the score that's important, it's that one person in the stands that really matters.

Columbus Police Officer Bonnie Lirtzman is going through the battle of her life.

She beat breast cancer at age 34, but was recently diagnosed with more cancer.

"We are brothers and sisters, and Bonnie is definitely a sister to all of us, and we are keeping her in our prayers daily," said Sgt. Christopher Smith Hughes.

"To see them all come behind me and support me, and for all the wonderful things that they're doing, it's just completely awe-inspiring and it gives me strength, it gives me hope, and it gives me power to try to move on through some of the hard days and rough things I'll be going through," explained Lirtzman.

The team presented Lirtzman with a donation and a signed ball by members of the CPD basketball team.

"You have to stay strong, and know that when your time finally does come, know you gave it your all," said Lirtzman.

Bonnie said her long term goal is to see her four-year-old walk across the stage at his high school graduation.