Columbus Police Arrest Suspect After Barricading Himself In Home With Baby

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Columbus Police have one man in custody after a SWAT barricade situation in west Columbus.

The situation began around 4 a.m. Friday when a woman called 911, saying she had been physically attacked by her boyfriend on the 900 block the Whitethorne Avenue. The woman then ran from her home, naked and bleeding as she sprinted across the street to her neighbor's house for help

That neighbor - Dwight Gillum – rushed to her aid.  “I looked out the door and I saw this girl all beat up," explains Gillum.  “She's freaking out and she's stripped naked. I gave her a t-shirt and stuff and called 911.”

The badly-beaten woman told Gillum her child was still in the home but was unharmed. She said she fled the home without the child to escape being beaten by her boyfriend.  She explained that at times her head was pounded into a concrete floor.

SWAT teams moved in on the home and tried unsuccessfully to communicate with the suspect for two hours.  However, fearing for the child’s safety, authorities moved in on the home and made an arrest.

Family members say the child was unharmed, but fear his mother could lose her vision from the injuries.

The victim’s step-mother, Carolyn Frayer, says the beating was savage.  “Her whole face was swelled and her eye was so doubled up and was leaking and stuff, she said she might have some kind of problem with it. She's going back to the doctors to get it checked over again."

Meanwhile, authorities say this wasn’t the first barricade situation they have responded to at the home.  In August 2012, the same suspect claimed to be suicidal and barricaded himself inside with the same child. He was arrested in that case, as well.