Columbus Parent Files Lawsuit Against Schools Over 'Data Scrubbing' Investigation


A Columbus City Schools parent has filed lawsuit against the school district in connection with alleged data scrubbing.

The parent, Marvin Perkins, is now hoping to make the lawsuit a class-action suit so other parents can join him in his fight.

The Columbus City School District is one of five districts in the state accused of altering its data so students’ test scores would not count against the district.

The district is accused of changing some student grades from Fs to Ds.

A father of a student a Medina Middle School said that he feels he was tricked about how his child’s school was performing.

The lawsuit claims that state report cards need to be recalculated for those schools and that affected students are entitled to remedial education at the expense of the district.

The lawsuit is asking for $25,000 to possibly tutor the children, if needed.

Attorney John Sherrod said that the father, Marvin Perkins, feels very strongly about the issue and wants the alleged scrubbing stopped.

“He wants it to be fixed,” Sherrod said.

Columbus City Schools officials said that they were notified of the lawsuit on Thursday.

Officials said that they were unable to give 10TV News a comment until their legal department reviewed the suit.

Superintendent Gene Harris has said there is no evidence of schools changing records.

Perkins’ son, Markel, used to go to Medina Middle School, which the state auditor said he found withdrew students without reason and possibly benefitted by an increase in overall test scores.

“Mr. Perkins is a placeholder for these class members,” Sherrod said. “He’s standing up for this entire class.”

Some parents of students at Medina Middle School said that they had not heard of the lawsuit.

“I want her to actually learn her grades and earn them and know what’s going on,” said mother Sharon Maxwell.

Kitty Yuck said that she put her daughter in school thinking that she would get a good education.

“She’s not,” Yuck said.

A final report of the auditor's investigation has not been released, but Auditor Dave Yost has said it was clear that several Columbus schools manipulated student data, possibly to improve their report card standing.

This marks the first lawsuit to take aim at the impact of data scrubbing.

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