Columbus Paramedics Busy Responding To Reports Of Frostbite, Crashes

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Paramedics at Fire Station 10 have been responding to one cold weather complaint after another as the temperatures plunged over the last few days.

“A person's at the city impound and they can't get their car started. They've been outside for some time, and now they can't hardly feel their hands,” said firefighter paramedic Scott Sollars.

Sollars and his partner, Tom Keating, say complaints like this one are typical. The request for help requires lights and sirens during the run since there’s no way of knowing how serious it is.

Even after that run was cancelled, the paramedics found a way to help. They came across two Ohio State University students involved in a single vehicle crash on an icy road.

The girls were not injured. They were also not prepared to have to stand outside and wait for a tow truck.

"Typically, on an auto accident, we could clear, but it's so cold today we're not going to leave them out in the cold,” said Sollars.

Sollars says the crash is an example of why drivers need to be prepared with an emergency kit including clothes, blankets and flares. It can also include a snow shovel and a piece of cardboard to help your vehicle escape an icy patch.

It only takes a few minutes for frostbite to set in, so paramedics say don’t be outside during the extreme cold, unless you absolutely have to be.