Columbus Officials Publicizing Problem Landlords Who Ignore Properties


Columbus city officials want to cut back on the number of eyesores, so they are shining a new spotlight on problem landlords.

"My landlord is a great landlord. He takes care of his properties. He does a good job. Everytime I need something done, he's right there,” said a Franklinton resident, Jerry who did not want his last name used.

But he said other landlords in the area don’t care.

Just across the street from Jerry sits a vacant house. There’s a garage damaged by fire behind it.

The boarded-up windows and vacant property signs are invitations to criminals said area residents.

"We've seen people breaking in them, coming out of them. You know, we've seen people stealing out of them,” said Jerry. "They need to do something with the landlords, make them get rid of their properties or make them fix them up and get them ready to rent."

City officials now have a new tactic. They have published a list naming all of the landlords who have repeatedly ignored orders to maintain their properties.

"We hope that they see this list and maybe they can jump in there and take care of the properties, either sell them or rehab them and get them back into use,” said Dana Rose, Columbus Division of Code Enforcement.

If not, city officials tell 10TV that they will work to demolish the properties.

It could mean fewer problems for at least one Franklinton resident.

"I'm not going nowhere. I'm not letting the crime run me out,” said Jerry.

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