Columbus Officer Shoots, Injures Suspect During Chase

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A Columbus police officer was involved in a shooting on the northeast side of the city Saturday just before 5 p.m.

The shooting occurred on Audrey Rd just west of Cleveland Ave. between Huy Rd. and Oakland Park Ave.

“My son heard two shots, and my buddy heard two shots,” said witness Julian Peterson

Police said those shots were fired at the end of a foot chase.

“Suspect pulled a gun out, and the officer was forced to fire,” said Sgt. Dana Norman, Columbus Police.

Norman said it started with a traffic stop when two police officers, in a cruiser, pulled over a car on Cleveland Ave.

The driver and two passengers stayed in the car, but a third passenger tried to run away, according to authorities.

Police said an officer chased the 20-year-old north through a bank parking lot and onto Audrey St.

“The officers are trained to react to that situation and to protect themselves, and the community. And it appears, in this case, that the officer was protecting his life from the threat of the gunman and as a result, the bad guy was shot,” said Jason Pappas, FOP President.

Peterson lives near when the shooting occurred and saw the person who was shot on the ground with a police officer on top of him.

He said he's upset to see more violence in his neighborhood.

“It's just too close. It's just too crazy, too wild. I mean, young boys have no respect anymore,” said Peterson.

“If you're out here, running around with a gun and you confront the police, you can expect a negative result on your end,” said Pappas.

The man who was shot was transported in stable condition. He suffered a gunshot wound to his rear end.

His name has not been released. Police said he was expected to make a full recovery.

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