Columbus Neighborhood Taking New Step To Improve Safety


A historic Columbus neighborhood once plagued by crime continues to welcome improvements to the area.

Campus Partners for Community Urban Redevelopment used grants from The Ohio State University, The Columbus Foundation and Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing to purchase two sites previously occupied by carry-outs.

Campus Partners says it will sell the D&J Carryout at the corner of North 4th Street and 8th Avenue to Community Properties of Ohio (CPO), an affiliate of Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing, and promote redevelopment of Kelly's Carryout at North 4th Street and 11th Avenue following demolition and environmental clean-up.

"These two areas came up as areas of concern for the neighbors," Brandyn McElroy, Weinland Park Civic Association president, said when referring to the former carry-out locations.

McElroy said he is excited about what the purchase of the properties could mean for his neighborhood.

"It's an opportunity for the community to come together and say 'Hey, now what can we do further with these properties working with the partners that have purchased them,'" he said.

CPO, which has already refurbished 268 housing units in the area, says the development is part of an overall plan that has been in the works for several years.

The management group now wants to get community input about what to do with the former carry-outs.

"(We plan) to talk about what people want to see here and don't want to see here before we actually make a decision," CPO President and CEO Isabel Toth said.

Long-time Weinland Park resident Joyce Hughes says she is more than hopeful that decision will be positive.

"I'm looking forward to a lot of people wanting to live in my neighborhood because it is a good neighborhood," she said.

Toth says CPO will be holding community meetings through the fall.

She says any changes to the properties likely will not take place until early next year.