Columbus Musician Remembers Joan Rivers


Joan Rivers was no stranger to Columbus.

She played the Capital City numerous times during her career.

10TV's Jerry Revish spoke with a local musician who performed with her during a stop in Columbus in 2012.

Dave Powers' crowd-pleasing way made him the perfect pick to back up Joan Rivers at the Riffe Center in March 2012.

"She just said, I want this and I want this. Nothing more, nothing less and we figured, okay," said Powers.

Rivers had the pianist play some strategically-timed musical riffs during her almost two hour standup routine. Powers marveled at her genius.

"She had no filter. That's the term. No filter. The audience just ate it up. She appealed to everybody and made sure she offended everybody in the process which was all part of the fun," said Powers. "She had so much energy on stage. Off stage, she was mellow. But on stage she was doing prat falls, falling down on stage. So much energy. Really. I was very impressed."

Back stage after the show, Powers and his drummer a picture with Joan Rivers as she left her dressing room for a limo ride to the airport.

He savors the memory of working with a true comedic legend.

"Joan wasn't afraid to say anything. Even if it was offensive to people. She wasn't afraid to say that. I think there's something to be commended for that," said Powers.