Columbus Mosquito Spraying Will Target Neighborhoods, Parks And Paths

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The city of Columbus is spraying 20 neighborhoods to get rid of mosquitos, in hopes of stopping the spread of the West Nile Virus.

On Wednesday, crews begin weekly spraying of neighborhoods with a concentration on parks and bike paths.

The areas include Franklin Park, Driving Park and Tuttle Park on Wednesday. On Thursday, Goodale and Schiller Parks as well as Downtown Columbus are on the list.

Officials say the idea is to prepare for families who will be out over the July 4th weekend.

Bailey Pfunder enjoys the wind in her hair but not mosquitos on her arms.

“They bite and they itch,” said Pfunder.

He says one stretch of Clinton Township is full of the biting bugs.

That's why the Franklin County Health Department sent out trucks to spray for mosquitos last week. Clinton Township was the first area of the season to get blasted with pesticide. County bug expert Charlie Broschart says it worked.

“We did see a reduction in numbers,” said Broschart.

The county can tell because of the numbers of mosquitos showing up in traps dropped, but critics say the reduction comes at costs.

Environmentalists have concerns about the way the pesticides are applied. They would like to see officials pick a target and aim for it. But they say workers use a mist that shoots out a fog that hits everything in its path.

“We're opposed to a general broadcast approach,” said David Roseman of the Sierra Club.

Roseman calls the fog approach to spraying harmful.

“Our concern is that these are toxic chemicals. They're not selective to just after mosquitos and will kill any mosquito they come in contact with,” he explained.

Broschart disagrees.

“That's been shown not to be true because the size of micron we use is specifically for mosquitos,” he says.

Residents can have the city or county skip their house, if you don't like the idea of the spray. Crews will leave a buffer zone of about 150 feet. If you live in Columbus, you can make the request by calling 311.

Here’s the list of neighborhoods and parks being sprayed, provided by the Columbus Public Health Department.



Spraying times and locations:



  • Franklin Park
  • Nelson Park
  • Big Walnut Park
  • Johnson Park
  • Driving Park
  • Fairwood Park
  • Helsel Park
  • Anheuser Busch Park
  • Antrim Park
  • Woodward Park
  • Innis Park
  • Iuka Park
  • Tuttle Park
  • Cooper Park
  • Maloney Park
  • Mock Park
  • Nafzger Park
  • Portman Park
  • Holton Park
  • Rhodes Park
  • Westgate Park


  • Dodge Park
  • Lou Berliner Park
  • McCoy Park
  • Goodale Park
  • Krumm Park
  • Deshler Park
  • Linden Park
  • Schiller Park
  • Stockbridge Park
  • Sills Park
  • Stoneridge Park
  • Big Run Park
  • Marion-Franklin Park
  • Lindberg Park
  • McKinley Park
  • Alum Crest Park
  • Wolfe Park
  • Delawanda Park
  • Lincoln Park
  • Lazelle Woods Park
  • Downtown Columbus
  • Westmoor Park