Columbus Man Apologizes, Admits In Court To Slaying Grandfather

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A Columbus man apologizes in court for killing and stealing from his own grandfather.

78-year-old Carl Buriss was found unconscious and bleeding two years ago at his Drycott Street condo, where he later died.

His grandson, Matthew Kasee, has now come forward and admits he is the killer.

Many members of his family are distraught.

“This is the most devastating thing that has ever happened to my family and myself,” Kasee’s aunt said.

Kasee claimed he robbed and killed his grandfather because he was on drugs.   “I take full responsibility for my actions,” Kasee said in court on Monday.

His grandmother is struggling to understand why Kasee would commit such a crime. “Matthew loved his grandfather as a father and never hurt him if he was right in mind,” the grandmother said.

The killer's uncle says the reason can't change the pain.  “It was a terrible situation,” Steve Buriss said. “But it is one he chose. In the end, we're all in grief.”

During his trial, Kasee said he was sorry.   “I just want to apologize to the family,” Kasee said.  “I am sorry, deeply.”

Kasee was sentenced to 24 years in prison.