Columbus Man Accused Of Selling Fake One Direction Concert Tickets


The One Direction concert set for June 18 in Columbus sold out in minutes.

With online brokers selling single tickets for as much as $2,900 apiece, some fans are turning to Craigslist looking for a deal.

“Total, we spent $600 for four tickets and thought we were getting good seats for the concert,” said one victim, Scott.

Scott’s tickets turned out to be fakes, and he vowed to get even with the scammer.

“Yeah, I wasn't going to let it go. I mean he pretty much ripped my daughter off with that money.  So I want to make sure this guy never does that to someone else again,” said Scott.

Scott helped set up a sting. An undercover police officer met up with the seller and traded $460 cash for three tickets.

Seconds after the seller left the parking lot, he was surrounded by Columbus Police.

They arrested the man, Anthony Dunston, and charged him with forgery.

DreamSeats owner Jamie Kaufman said the tickets were pretty good forgeries with perforations and barcodes.

"It's always the same thing.  If it's too good to be true, it probably is.  And that's the problem. People get caught up thinking they're getting a really good deal on something and it turns out the deal's not so good,” said Kaufman.

When confronted by 10TV’s Kurt Ludlow, Dunston told the news crew to “Get out of my face.” He said “I buy and sell tickets. That’s what I do.”

Dunston insisted he bought the tickets from someone else, but police don't buy it.
Authorities said for every ticket scammer arrested, there's another one ready to take his place.

"You never know who you're buying tickets from. Buy them from an authorized dealer, and as far as the people committing the crimes, you don't know who's buying them either.  (It) could be us,” said Sgt. James Branum, Columbus Police.

Police remind buyers to go through an authorized dealer and pay with a credit card.