Columbus Man Accused Of Exposing Himself From Front Porch


A Columbus man was caught with his pants down - literally - exposing himself on his front porch on a busy north Columbus road.
Police say it happened in the 4900 block of Karl Road, not once, but twice.

The suspect's next door neighbor says the man came to the door with his pants down, then proceeded into his front yard, making inappropriate gestures.

Loretta Bays says the front door of her neighbor's apartment was open on a spring-like Tuesday afternoon.

She'd been speaking to the maintenance man when she happened to glance inside.

"He had his pants all the way down, his stuff all the way out," Bays said. "By the time he get to the door, I'm looking down and looking at nothing but his private part."

Then, Bays says, 37-year-old Robert Milton proceeded outside. He allegedly made inappropriate gestures toward her and in plain view of anyone driving along Karl Road.

"I'm pretty disturbed by it," she said.

By this time, some neighbors saw what was happening and called 911.

The incident occurred just before 5 p.m. during the busy afternoon rush hour, and in close proximity to at least two schools which are less than a mile from the man's home.

"Kids were getting out of school, walking up and down the street," said Bays.

When Columbus Police arrived, they placed Milton under arrest and charged him with public indecency.

Bays says she believes Milton was taken into custody before he was able to expose himself to any children.

"By being 5 o'clock, the kids had already walked by, so thank god for that," she said.

Robert Milton's arrest record includes various charges dating back to 1995, though none was of a sexual nature, and he is not a sex offender.