Columbus Looks To Improve Voyeurism Protections

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One touch on a phone screen and click, a picture can be taken unknowingly.

"I think it is something that should come to attention, that's really a big deal,"  said Columbus resident Joshlynn Suber.

It's not something that's often thought of but a right to privacy that needs to be protected. 

The ease of today's technology has been abused by some who have taken pictures of people in dressing rooms, bathrooms and under clothing.

"Our phones is our whole lives.  Having access to it 24/7 and you get a shot of anyone, anything, any moment, and it can go anywhere,"  said Suber.

Exactly what Columbus City Council is realizing also and realizing there's nothing in the city's code to address this type of voyeurism.

"To update our Columbus city code, to modernize it to be in line with the Ohio revised code," said Councilman Zach Klein.

Klein says the safety committee is adding illicit recording to the city's voyeurism law and changing the severity of the voyeurism charges to a first degree misdemeanor, which carries 180 days in jail.

They're also taking the changes a step further.

"A new code section that allows us to go after folks that are essentially bullying with text messaging and email,"  said Klein.

Columbus Police say these types of voyeurism cases aren't common but the city wants to make sure the issue is covered when it does come up.

Klein says the measure will be passed at next Monday's meeting.