Columbus High School Tells Parents It’s Bed Bug Free


Whetstone High School officials say that they are now bug free after a few bed bugs were found in the school.

Experts say that these unwanted insects remain a major problem in central Ohio, showing up everywhere from hotels to movie theaters and schools.

Earlier this month, Whetstone High School parents received a letter saying that two bed bugs were found inside of the building.

The school says that the bugs were taken care of and this is not an infestation.

A Columbus City Schools spokesperson says the a company came in the treat the problem on Tuesday, October 22, 2013.

There are no reports of any bites on students or staff.

Whetstone’s issues come after an earlier report this month of bed bugs spotted at Newark High School.

The district released a statement saying, “We do not believe there to be any larger issues with bed bugs, or any other kind of bug or pest at Newark High School”.

According to the Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force, both districts did the right thing by notifying parents.

The Bed Bug Task Force also offers suggestions to keep bed bugs at bay.

They say to have backpacks, lunch boxes and other items that travel back and forth to school inspected daily.

These items should also be sealed in plastic containers to prevent infection at home, the task force says.

They recommend that is bed bugs are found repeatedly in a particular classroom, have the room inspected by pest management professional or other trained staff.

The task force is also stating that scientific evidence does not show that bed bugs spread disease.

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