Columbus Health Officials Spray For Mosquitoes This Week


Columbus health officials have announced three nights of mosquito spraying for this week.

The spraying is done to stop the spread of mosquitoes and any possible disease they may carry, like the West Nile Virus.

The spraying will start on Tuesday and cover the following areas:
 Tuesday August 6, 2013:
•    South Columbus: (North Boundary – Frebis Ave., East Boundary – Alum Creek Rd., South Boundary – Route 104, West Boundary – S Champion Ave.)
•    Worthington: (North Boundary – I-270, East Boundary – Huntley Rd, South Boundary – Dublin-Granville Rd, West Boundary – N High St.)
Wednesday August 7, 2013:
•    Olde Town East: (North Boundary – E Broad St., East Boundary – Preston Rd., South Boundary – Bryden Rd, West Boundary – Wilson Ave. )
•    West Columbus: (North Boundary –Norfolk Southern Railroad, East Boundary – Hilliard & Rome Rd., South Boundary –W Broad St., West Boundary – Alton & Darby Creek  Rd.)
Thursday August 8, 2013:
•    Northeast Columbus: (North Boundary – Walnut St., East Boundary – Harlem Rd., South Boundary – Warner Rd., West Boundary – Lee Rd.)
•    Southeast Columbus: (North Boundary – Wright Rd., East Boundary – Bowen Rd., South Boundary – Route 33, West Boundary – Gender Rd.)

The health department says that weekly spraying areas are determined by mosquito trap results and reports from field staff, the number and type of mosquitoes trapped, the number of infected mosquitoes and evidence of human disease.