Columbus Firefighter Fired Over Sex At Station Investigation, Files An Appeal

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The firefighter at the center of a sex scandal and a 10TV investigation has been fired.

The investigation started last Spring and went on for many months, pulling in many of Cain's fellow firefighters to testify about what they witnessed inside Station 17.

Despite his firing Friday, Marc Cain isn't going quietly.

Marc Cain was once honored as a public servant and a hero for his lifesaving actions at an emergency scene.

As of Friday he is neither: no longer a public servant, no longer a Columbus Firefighter.

It all stems from an 18 month sexual relationship with a young woman starting when she was 18.

She told investigators they had sex frequently inside Station 17 and at other fire division facilities.

She told them she had access codes to come and go from the building as she pleased, and that she rode on station medics and emergency equipment.

A months-long investigation bore out her claims, and Cain was found guilty of Dishonesty, Insubordination, and Failure of Good Behavior.

In January he was recommended for termination by Fire Chief Greg Paxton.

Friday Safety Director Mitchell Brown upheld that ruling.

Cain has already appealed to the Civil Service Commission, citing "unfair treatment, unfair punishment, wrongful discharge and lack of evidence."

Cain had the option of appealing his firing through the grievance process established by the firefighters union or through the civil service commission.

He opted to appeal to the civil service commission, which means the firefighters union will not be representing him.
Kevin Kerns, the attorney representing Cain's former mistress told 10TV, "In order to protect the integrity of this profession and all firefighters who serve honorably, I believe Director Brown made the right decision in firing Marc Cain".
Neither the Safety Director nor Fire Chief would comment.