Columbus Fire Department Adds 2 New Medic Vehicles To Reduce Response Time

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Two new medic vehicles will hit the road, reducing paramedic response times during the hours when the department receives the greatest number of calls.

The new program, which was announced on Thursday, will increase the number of available medics from 32 to 34 during the hours of 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. on weekdays.

“When one medic is out of service, because it’s taking a run and transporting an individual to the hospital, when a second call comes into that location, then we have to pull a medic from that neighboring district,” said Battalion Chief Patrick Ferguson said.

The pilot program is changing that.

The additional Advanced Life Support vehicles will be staffed with two paramedics, and they are designed to reduce response times to emergencies.

Ferguson said that the two medics currently are stationed at Station 10 on West Broad Street and Station 6 on Maple Canyon Drive.

“With these peak demand medics being in service at those locations, they’re able to take that run and be closer to the citizens,” Ferguson said. “This is all statistically driven. There is not any favoritism toward one part of town or the other.’

The program will be evaluated often and the location of these additional medics may be adjusted accordingly, according to fire officials.

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