Columbus Dog Honored With Best Name In The Country


Peanut Wigglebutt is a dachshund with a unique story behind her name.

According to, her owner Christine Edwards from Columbus gave her the name because she was wagging her tail so hard she fell over.  “She was the last puppy to go as nobody wanted her because she didn’t have much dappling and her ears hung to the side. I knew that she was meant for me,” Edwards explains.

Peanut is also a kleptomaniac. 

“She stole multiple screwdrivers from our cable guy, and even stole Easter eggs from the neighbor’s yard during an Easter egg hunt."

Each year, Veterinary Pet Insurance Company seeks to find the most crazy and wacky pet names around the country. After a thorough look into the company’s database of 500,000 pets, 50 dog names and 50 cat names are chosen.

This year, those 100 names are put to a vote by animal lovers, and the top 10 names for each animal are selected.

There are no prizes for this contest, but owners get to enjoy the honor of having one of the wackiest pet names for the year.

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