Columbus City Schools Employees Could Face Discipline Following Data Manipulation Investigation


10 Investigates has learned new details about an 18-month investigation into data manipulation at Columbus City Schools.

The report will likely bring disciplinary action from the district for some employees and scrutiny from the state agency that licenses educators said a source close to the investigation.

Several state and federal agencies have been involved in the investigation. Sources close to them spoke on background because the official report has not been released.

Investigators say many key players that have been the subject of previous news stories have been the source of particular interest for investigators. Among them: Stan Pyle whose name was on grade changing documents, data guru Steve Tankovich and former superintendent Gene Harris.

Pyle and Tankovich have, in the past, been unwilling to respond to 10 Investigates' repeated attempts for comment.

Investigators say Tankovich has been equally unwilling to speak to them.

He has "holed up in his house," said one source. Investigators "saw him in the house" but he would not come to the door, the source said.

Superintendent Gene Harris has also gone unquestioned. Nobody was willing to explain the reason Harris was not interviewed.

The Ohio Auditor has scheduled a news conference on Tuesday morning to release their investigation into Columbus City Schools. plans on live streaming that event.