Columbus City Schools Bus Caught On Camera Running Red Light


A Columbus City Schools bus was caught on video, running a red light.

Jim Hope has two cameras watching the road at all times when he drives, just in case something happens.

"I was on 5th Avenue, heading east, and just getting ready to turn on to the freeway," said Hope.

Hope said he was taking his brother to the airport.

"There was a school bus that was stopped just to my right.  All of a sudden, he bolts and busts through the light," said Hope.

His video clearly shows the red light. It then shows the Columbus City Schools bus just taking off and driving through it. Seconds later, cars can be seen making left turns into that intersection.

"If you're in just a generic vehicle, that's one thing, but if you're in something like a school bus, that's quite another," said Hope.

It was too difficult to see on the video if the bus was carrying any kids.

Columbus City Schools spokesperson Jeff Warner said the district will now be checking the GPS and the video from that bus.

If it corroborates what Hope's cameras caught, Warner said the appropriate action will be taken.

He said the district takes the safety of the students and others on the road very seriously.