Columbus City School Bus Driver Suspended After Alleged Kidnapping, Robbery


A Columbus City school bus driver is suspended from his job after being indicted Tuesday on felony counts of kidnapping and aggravated robbery.  
Elizabeth Glass told 10TV she never knew her ex-boyfriend to be a violent man, until she says she lived through the unthinkable.
About a week ago, she says 41-year-old Anthony Kendrick forced his way into her bedroom while she was with another man.
"Anthony kicked the door open, like, it flew open," said Glass.
Glass says the most traumatic part is that her three young children were home at the time.
"All my kids saw was Anthony Kendrick with a gun against his back," said Glass.
Glass said Kendrick pulled a gun on her current boyfriend and forced him outside. She also says Kendrick put her boyfriend's belongings in his car.
She says she tried to fight back.
"I'm grabbing the luggage from the car, so that's when he called me the 'B' word, rushed me on the ground, was like choking me, hit my head on the ground," said Glass.
"I'm just mad at him. I hate him for what he did," said Glass.  She says her boyfriend was able to run off and call police for help.
Kendrick faces felony charges of kidnapping, aggravated robbery and robbery.
To make matters worse, Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien says Kendrick is a Columbus City School bus driver.
"Certainly these are violent crimes for someone who would be daily around children, driving them on a bus," said O'Brien.
"I feel for the parents too, cause ain't no telling, I mean, people are crazy these days. Ain't no telling what a person is capable of and I never thought Anthony Kendrick would be capable of doing something like this to me or doing something like this in front of my kids," said Glass.
O'Brien says that Kendrick could face up to 14 years in prison. He is currently suspended without pay from his Columbus City School job while the criminal investigation is underway.