Columbus City Attorney’s Office Searching for Nearly 120 Wanted on Child Endangering Warrants

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 They are accused of putting the lives of children in danger.

On Wednesday, the Columbus City Attorney's Office released the names of nearly 120 people they need help tracking down.

The people are accused of everything from leaving their child alone, to bringing them along during a drug deal.

Bill Hedrick, chief of staff at the Columbus City Attorney’s office, said the office is going after 118 people who have outstanding warrants for, or stemming from, child endangering charges.

Derrica Brewer, Nikki Matheny, Shirdesha Milon, David T. Shaw, Mistie Springer and John Vandeventer are considered to be among the most wanted.

“Accusations for these people include, everything from a drug deal with a child in the car with you, to leaving young children alone in unsanitary conditions or just running loose in neighborhood,” Hedrick said.

Mistie Springer is charged with two counts of child endangering and theft.

According to court documents, her two and three-year-old children were found a block away from their house; her daughter was wearing only underwear and a tee shirt.

When police returned them to their home, no one was there.

We stopped by Springer’s last known address Wednesday, but no one answered the door. One neighbor said she had seen the children wandering the neighborhood before.

Shirdesha Milon is wanted on more than a half dozen charges including child endangering.

She's accused of driving drunk with her young son in the car and crashing into a daycare where she was headed to pick up her daughter. 

Hedrick said the focus on these parents is two-fold.      

“A: They need to come to court to address the charges that have been filed against, and b, there is a concern for these children,” Hedrick said.

If you have any information concerning these individuals, please contact City Attorney Bill Hedrick at 614.645.8874 or email him at