Columbus Bike Couriers Fight Cold Temps, Icy Roads

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Working in sub-zero temperatures is just part of the job for a group that makes their living on two wheels.

Bike Couriers in Columbus are braving the cold to get the job done.

Nate Zaccardi has been on the job for 14 years.

He says the Polar Vortex has not it an easy winter for couriers.

"It's a little hard to have to wake up in the morning and deal with this cold weather," he says.

He spends his day biking from one downtown building to another, dropping off documents to laywers and other businesses. Zaccardi says he'll bike 20 to 40 miles a day.

He says he tries not to think about how cold it is outside.

"It's kind of mental leap you got to make when you're dealing with the cold weather and the ice and the snow", he says.

On a day like Wednesday, when the temperature is below zero, Nate says he'll wear five layers of clothing. He says his feet are another story.

"My feet take the biggest pounding because of the road spray," he says.

Despite the icy roads, he's yet to take a fall, but warns if he does crash it will likely be in German Village.

"If I'm going to crash in the winter time it is probably going to be there with the icy brick roads," he says.

But for couriers like Nate, he says he can't see himself doing anything else; combining his love for cycling with helping others, even when the temperature is so cold he can't feel his toes.

"We're out here so people can stay warm in their offices," he says.