Columbus Battalion Chief Reprimanded Following Sex Scandal Investigation

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The final remaining investigation of a sex scandal at Columbus Fire Station 17 has concluded, with a Battalion Chief reprimanded for bad behavior.
Battalion Chief Gerald Birkhimer oversaw Station 17 during the start of firefighter Marc Cain's affair.

During the investigation into Cain, multiple firefighters alleged Birkhimer had also had an on-the-job affair with a female firefighter.

The investigation into that has concluded, finding Birkhimer guilty of Failure of Good Behavior, and failing to meet Standards of Conduct for Supervisors.

The investigation didn't find evidence of a sexual relationship, but found Birkhimer had "interaction with a subordinate in fire station bedrooms behind closed doors" that "gave the appearance of impropriety."

He was given a written reprimand.

Birkhimer was also investigated for failing to enforce policy at Station 17 related to Marc Cain and his mistress.

The Fire Chief recommended he be suspended for six weeks and be demoted to Captain.

The Safety Director will have the final say on that in a hearing two weeks from today.

On Monday, 10TV reported that a third Columbus firefighter investigated in the Station 17 scandal, has been cleared.

The firefighter, whom 10tv has not named because he had not been charged with wrongdoing, was under investigation after allegations he was sneaking women into the firehouse on the Hilltop after hours.

The allegation came up during investigation of Marc Cain, who officials fired for misconduct on the job.