Columbus Attorney Accused of Groping Client's Mother Speaks Out

Columbus Attorney Accused of Groping Client's Mother Speaks Out
Columbus Lawyer Found Guilty On Half Of Charges In Sexual Assault Cases

A prominent Central Ohio attorney denied allegations of lewd, salacious behavior Thursday night as sources close to the case say there are now two additional accusers.

Javier Armengau called his time in jail "absolutely horrible" as he bonded out of jail on gross sexual imposition and public indecency charges.

The accuser's son is one of Armengau's clients.  That client is currently facing a murder charge. 

In court earlier Thursday, Armengau smiled as someone read his accuser's statement, "(The accuser) stated mr. Armengau then took his free arm, placed it down her shirt, grabbed her breasts and kissed her.  (The accuser) stated she looked up, Mr. Armengau had removed his penis from his pants and stood in front of her."

Thursday night, Armengau told 10TV's Glenn McEntyre his accuser is "absolutely" lying, "without question."

"This happened at 4 o'clock in the afternoon in my office with an open door," said Armengau.

Franklin County prosecutor Ron O'Brien said he can't remember a case like this one.

"Every attorney is an officer of the court and every attorney needs to have their conduct above reproach," said O'Brien.

Armengau's conduct is being called into question even further.  Sources close to the investigation tell 10TV two new accusers have come forward.

Armengau said he knew nothing about those allegations.

10tv spoke off-camera to Armengau's accuser, who we are not identifying.

She says she has recorded phone conversations where she and Armengau discuss the incident he's accused of.

According to her, when asked why he had forced himself on her, he replied, "he was trying to relieve my stress."

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