Columbus Agencies Gather To Help the Homeless


The numbers are staggering. Last year over 1,400 people were considered homeless in the Columbus area, and this year that number is expected to grow. Agencies from all over gathered downtown to help those less fortunate, and it came on a day when the homeless are facing dangerously cold temperatures.

One man is particularly thankful to receive this much needed help. Michael Robinson is one receiving much needed help. To Michael and others like him, a warm coat is a lifesaving gift on a day this cold. Michael is among hundreds who gathered at Veterans Memorial calling themselves homeless. “Everything I can get right now to stay warm, from a hot cup of coffee to a t-shirt”, said Robinson.

The Community Shelter Board assembled over 50 agencies to give the homeless some basic services including haircuts and a good meal. Angie and Ray have been helping the homeless for years.

This year they’re giving away personal items and food. This also includes lunches that have been packed by kids at a local elementary school. To Angie, the homeless are not faceless individuals…they’re family. “I believe that everybody deserves to be treated with dignity, compassion, and respect. So my goal out there is to show them that they’re a worthwhile loveable person”, said Angie.

This gathering also meets another need. This is a need to determine how big of a problem homelessness is in our community. The services provided through this gathering can help get more funding for the future.

This compels the people who need the services to come forward and be counted. Being counted is the least Michael can do to give back to these agencies, and being thankful for the help is more than many people will ever know. The results of the counts will be released in April. Homeless advocates expect the numbers this year to exceed that of last year’s count. For more information on how to help, check out Angie/Angie&RaysComm or Homeless Outreach