Colorado Company Creating Pot Vending Machines


FROM CBS - A Colorado company is hoping that residents will soon be able to get pot from a vending machine.

The president of American Green recently demonstrated the first of the machines.

“They press start, dip their ID, and it sends a message to a legal age software and checks it against the DMV to see if the person is of age,” said Shephen Shearin.

The president of American Green has placed the vending machine at the ‘Doctors Orders’ Dispensary. Customers are verified at the front door before they are able to access the machine. State law says the vending machines can only be used at establishments which are approved to sell marijuana. 

"We could have a line all the way to the door. We could have as many as 20 people in here waiting at one time,” said Chase Lessman, GM of Doctors Orders.

Watch the video to learn what additional security measures the company may add to the vending machine.