Cold Temperatures Chilling Profits For Central Ohio Restaurants

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Inside the Columbus Brewing Company where the craft beer is cold, and the food is steaming hot-business is not so hot.

“The whole month of January to this point with the negative degrees and the temperature being so frigid our night time business has really lowered,” says Jennifer Castle-White.

She says the lunch crowd remains strong, but the dinner crowd is not.

“Guests are not coming out as much as they normally would", she says.

Castle-White says the restaurant is seeing more than 60 fewer dinner reservations per night and blames the cold for it.

The opposite is true inside Grandview Café. The manager says it's the lunch crowd that's staying away.

“People are ordering in to their businesses or bringing in from home", says Executive Chef Michael Smith.

He says business is down 10 percent since the cold snap.

“I woke up this morning and heard the forecast and said dang not again," he says.

Smith says normally his bar is full during lunch time, but Thursday it was nearly empty.

To combat the cold, he says he has to be creative.

“Make the prices too good. You kind of have to lower your prices or come up with something you have to fight it you can't just lay down and take it,” he says.

The opposite is true at Rigsby’s Kitchen in the Short North.

The manager says the cold hasn't deterred diners here.

“I really I think business has kind of been up with this going on. Despite the frigid cold good food is something you're always willing to come out for, says Manager Jason Smith.

Even large chains like Bob Evans are getting the cold shoulder.

The New Albany based restaurant says it expects to lose up to $5 million due to the severe weather.

As for Jennifer Castle-White, she says she's praying for warmer weather to bring the crowds back.

Until then, she'll rely on what her restaurant does best.

“Wow, our guests with great food and that's where we'll get people to come in," she says.