Cold Grips Central Ohio


Snow fell for most of the day Thursday in Central Ohio. Central Ohioans worked to keep the roads clear by using snow blowers, shovels and plows.

Blowing snow became the problem Thursday night. Wind was whipping up and sending snow everywhere.

Problem number two is nothing is melting the snow.  Subzero temperatures mean streets and sidewalks could get dangerous.

Several Central Ohio sheriffs upgraded snow emergency levels Thursday evening.

"We got about four to five inches in parts in Grove City right here, but the temperature is dropping. It's going to get really, really icy," said plow driver Chelsea Williams.

Williams and her father are a two man, part-time plow team. They didn't get to their parking lots until Thursday evening. City plows were working on side streets and made several passes.

"We'll put salt over top of it. For the most part, the salt will melt the ice, but the problem is temperatures drop so much since we didn't get it right off, right away. There's nothing you really can do about it," said Williams.

Grove City implemented a parking ban Thursday. Emergency snow routes are in effect. That means no parking on designated streets so the plows can do their work.

While the snow and ice wreak havoc for many, others find the bright side. Many Central Ohioans went sledding Thursday.

For Williams and other plow drivers, it means money in their pockets.

"Its money falling from the sky, that's what my dad told me when I was a little kid," said Williams.