COGO Bike Share Marks 90 Days Of Service In Columbus


It's one of the newest ways to get around downtown.

Columbus' new bike sharing project is marking three months since rolling into the capital city.

City officials just received a first look at the data on how the COGO program is going.

Paul Szuter's car is left in park a lot these days, opting instead to use the COGO bike share system to get to and from work.

"It's great, it's perfect.  It provides an alternative way to get from A to B, rather than driving. I hate taking my car everywhere," Szuter said.

Szuter is among the 550 Central Ohioans who have already purchased annual subscriptions to the service.

Erika Fiola and her husband are visiting from Cincinnati.

They say the convenience of the system gives them a view of Columbus they wouldn't otherwise have.

"It's always been a really good way just to see the city and get around, and especially since we're not from here, it's a good way to see different neighborhoods without having to take the car, and worry about parking," said Fiola.

While the numbers here lag similar programs in some of the country's largest cities, COGO and city officials say it's meeting expectations at this point.

According to COGO's first quarterly report, Columbus' 229 bikes are used an average of 1.6 times each day which have racked up more than $90,000 in revenue to date.

The city is paying operating expenses for the first year.

Any future profit on the system will be split between the bike company and the city.

The data, so far, shows COGO is used mostly on weekends, and for recreation.

"So up to this point, we're about 58,000 miles have been ridden, so that's about 500 times to Cincinnati," said Frankie Cropper with COGO Bike Share.