Clintonville Woman Tracks Down Stolen iPad Using "Find My iPad" App

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A Central Ohio woman hopes technology will help police catch the criminals who broke into her home.

The burglary happened in the 200 block of Northridge Road in Clintonville.

Allison Strainic said she came home late Tuesday night to a wide open door and a ransacked home.

"I was panicked, frightened and didn't know if they were still inside," Strainic said.

The criminals made off with her jewelry and electronics, including her iPad.  Luckily, Strainic had the "find my iPad" app installed on her device.  She was was able to find an exact address where her iPad was located near Cleveland Avenue and Agler Road.

However, police told her they could not serve a search warrant without probable cause.

"They don't have probable cause that this person stole this item, that they were the ones that entered my home.  They could have found the iPad, they could have bought it without knowing it was stolen property," Strainic explained.

She said she also remotely installed a password on the device and even a message that pops up indicating it's stolen property. Although she hasn't seen much activity lately, she still knows where it is at all times. As for the police investigation, she said detectives are working several break-in cases in the area and have many leads, thanks to technology and observant neighbors.

"We will conquer this, Clintonville will conquer this and if we keep working together it will," she said.