Clintonville Runner Recalls Chaos One Year Ago In Boston

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Finishing the Boston Marathon usually brings with it a certain amount of emotion. This emotion is very different than the raw feelings that have been on display over the last year since the bombing. Now even experienced runners don't fully know what to expect going back.

One Clintonville resident, Bill Burns, is a Boston Marathon qualifier and ran in the race last year. Burns said, “You think you're doing something that's unique and pretty cool, something like that happens and you realize it's really not much.”

Burns was one of 680 Ohioans who competed in last year's race. Burns had just crossed the finish line and received his medal minutes before the bombing would occur.

Burns said that he always stays a mile from the finish and that he savors the walk back after completing the race. He was one block away when the bombings interrupted.

Burns described his experience, “I heard it.  Saw it.  Felt it.  And in a couple of minutes, could smell the explosion.”

Burns went on to say,” When I got to the next intersection, there were people just pouring away from Boylston Street where the finish is.  Everything around you was happening at high speed.  But for some reason everything seemed - at least internally for me - to be in slow motion.”

Burns returned to Columbus with his nerves frayed, but feeling fortunate. Burns is now determined to achieve his 14th straight Boston Marathon and to recapture the joy of running the race.

He also wants to send a message to the people who did the bombings: “You don't want them to win. You don't want them to take this away from us. I think part of it is going back and getting that feeling again.”

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