Clintonville Residents Wake To Graffiti-Laced Alley


A north side alley was left littered with graffiti on Sunday after vandals spray painted words and acronyms on garages, vehicles, trash cans and trees.

The letters "NSWB" and the words "Wild Boys" were found in several places behind addresses in the 200 block and 300 block of Olentangy Street in Clintonville.

Neighborhood residents expressed frustration with the vandalism, but did not want to give their last names due to concerns about being targeted.

"It's very frustrating, to say the least. And pretty much, what are we going to do? Take care of it. Get rid of it," said Richard.

Richard said the unwelcome attention usually comes in waves. It was a reminder for some to be on guard.

"We watch our alleys, and we know our neighbors. We look at cars that come down the street and make sure we know who they are or not," Richard said.

Residents said that they wanted the vandals caught.

"I will bet you money that it is kids. And I will also bet their parents don't even know they're doing it," Richard said. "I think they should know what their kids are doing.

"The vandalism came a few days after 10TV News reported that Columbus police had responded to more than a dozen home burglaries in Clintonville over a period of less than two weeks.

Police said that it was unlikely that the vandalism and the burglaries were related. Residents were reminded to stay alert and watch for anything suspicious, day and night.

Watch 10TV News and refresh for more information.