Clean-Up Efforts Underway Across Central Ohio After Strong Storms Monday Night

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As residents of central Ohio are under the threat of more storms this afternoon, communities are facing a major cleanup effort after the strong storms moved through the region Monday night.

Toppled trees and downed power lines kept cleanup crews busy Tuesday morning.

Franklin County engineers sawed apart a tree that ripped down wires on Clark State Road.  About a mile away, Mann Road was closed until a team can removed a toppled tree.

Neighbors there are dealing with their own cleanup after multiple trees were uprooted and slammed into their homes.

The damage also extends to neighborhoods north of Columbus.

Worthington resident Kevin Stotts dealt first with 60 mile-per-hour winds, then the realization that his home had been hit. By Tuesday morning, he was cleaning up and keeping his chin up.

“The kids usually play on the third floor and they weren't playing up there at the moment (the storm hit) so that is very lucky,” Stotts recalls.

In Victorian Village, Henry Street was closed after a tree toppled onto power lines.

Damage was also found across Gahanna. Venetian Road resident Stephanie Kuhl heard the cracking noise of damage during the storm, but waited until it was over to survey the damage.

"I thought it was going to be a typical storm,” said Kuhl.  “But I didn't realize the cleanup would take weeks after it went through.”

Cleanup crews in Gahanna say it could take until into the evening for all of the debris to be removed.