City Tries To Find Partnership To Revitalize Crumbling Historic Home

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Watchdog 10 recently reported on a historic home along the Griggs Reservoir that is still crumbling despite thousands of dollars of taxpayer money spent on its repair.

Columbus Recreation and Parks Director Alan McKnight last told us it would take about $5,500 more to shore up the damage from wind storms at the Damkeeper’s house.

McKnight said the city is looking for an option that would make sense for the city.

The home was built in 1816 by the Richards family on land deeded by President John Adams. It was one of the first houses in Perry Township and after Grigg’s Dam was built in 1908, it became the home of the dam tender.

But nine decades later, it has sagged under the load of time.

In 2006, the city spent $200,000 to begin stabilizing the house which has a caved in roof and is covered in graffiti.

A year later, the city spent $8,000 on a study to determine what to do with it.

The report said that options included a restaurant, an events center, a boat house, or an office space.

Five years later, Watchdog 10 learned the public-private partnership may still be in play.

“If it's a restaurant or private use which is some of things that have been talked about are there outside funds that come in to support that,” said McKnight.

With no doable deal on the table, the city isn't ready  cut its losses and yours.

"At some point that decision will have to be made, I don't believe we are at that point today,” said McKnight.

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