City To Re-Brick Crumbling Street That Was Just Completed Last Year


Watchdog 10 uncovered that the City of Columbus just ripped up a $600,000 street project that it finished last year.

Now, city officials plan to re-brick the road, which is at the gateway to the south side along Parsons and Livingston avenues near Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

The city is ripping up 42,000 square feet of brand new brings that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars because they are crumbling.

“It is very much a waste,” said resident and taxpayer Selma Robinson.

The city is clearing the bricks that crumbled after just one year and will lay down $750,000 worth of new bricks from a different company.

City officials said that they have no plans to go after the company that supplied the bad bricks.

Rick Tilton with the City of Columbus said the city does not know why the bricks began to crumble after just one year.

The city said much of the work was being paid for through federal grants.

“We’re perplexed as anyone,” Tilton said.

Tilton said that the problem caught the city by surprise because lab testing showed the bricks could withstand the weight of traffic.

“It’s money we didn’t want to spend,” Tilton said. “It’s money we didn’t think we would have to spend because the bricks passed three testing labs.”

Neighbors said watching while the bricks were taken up was a lot to take.

“That’s too much money to be paying on brick,” Robinson said. “We need it on other streets. We need it on schools. We need it on recreation centers.”

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