City Pays Portion Of Bill To Pave Street For A Second Time


A Columbus street paved in November was repaved and neighbors want to know why their road was torn up a second time.

Karl Road was repaved between 161 and Shrock Road in North Columbus.

"They took it clear down to the dirt. They put new sewers in and everything," said Bob Fagley.

The city says the road was repaved because of the rough winter.

"We literally had to drive around the whole neighborhood go back down to 161 to come back up," said Jackie Owens. She had to change her route for months.

The city says the first paving project ended at the tail end of the construction season when it started to get cold. The late start and cold winter damaged the new pavement.

The city decided to repave the street instead of patching the damage. The city split the second bill with the contractor. The bill is estimated at $200,000.

The contractor paid to fix the curbs.

The city says the project should be complete within a month.

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