City Officials To Demolish South Columbus Problem Property Amid Complaints

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Another neighborhood eyesore in the city of Columbus will be coming down.

The demolition of the property at 2575 S. 6th Street in south Columbus will come after neighbors complained to the city about the property being a danger to their safety.

"First, all the weeds kept growing up, and they'd get as high as the house,” said neighbor Lois Lee.

Lee tells 10TV it has been awful living next to the vacant property  "Because this is right in the back of my house,” she said.

Lee's great-grandson Brandon spends a lot of time at her house.  She is worried something could happen to him if he is out playing.  "Anything could happen with all that trash,” Lee said.

The trash on the property includes everything from tires to gas tanks.

"Mostly here lately it's been car parts,” Lee said.  She suspects that whoever has been dumping the trash has also been dumping it in her trash can.  "You can't even use your trash can. You've got to dump it sky high over what they've (thrown) in there,” she said.

City officials tell 10TV they are working with the Nail-A-Dumper program to stop whoever is responsible for the illegal dumping.

The city also says Lee's calls to complain about the vacant property haven't fallen on deaf ears.

Columbus acquired the property in late June and has plans to demolish it.

The city of Columbus says it has invested $11.5 million in Capital Improvements Funds over the next four years to demolish approximately 900 properties.

The demolition of the home behind her is something Lee says she can't wait to see.  "I hope they do, and I hope they clean that lot up,” she said.